Figurative Language In 'The Pigman And Tell Tale Heart'

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“What is literature but the expression of moods by the vehicle of symbol and incident.” - William Yeats. Literature all over the world uses mood and tone to help create a setting and move the story along. This can be portrayed in different ways, one of which is figurative language and symbolism. In the stories The Pigman by Paul Zindel and “Tell Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe” the authors use figurative language to create tone and build mood in their stories. In the novel The Pigman the author, Paul Zindel, uses figurative language to create mood and tone. One example of this is when in the novel the character Norton is described using a simile. This simile is “Norton has eyes like a mean mouse, and he’s the type of kid who thinks everyone’s…show more content…
The simile compares Norton to something you're already familiar to, to help you understand his character more. Another example of figurative language in the novel is when John says to Lorraine “you’re a little schizo today aren’t you?”. Here the author uses a metaphor to describe the character Lorraine. In this dialogue the character John compares Lorraine to a small usually loud dog to help the reader depict how small and angry Lorraine is in this particular part of the story. The final example in the novel The pigman where the author uses figurative language to describe a character is when John describes Ms.King by saying “... the way she always laughs a little when she talks to me and says i’m such a card.”. This is another example of the author using a metaphor to describe a character, this time it is describing John. In the quote Ms.King calls John a card. By comparing John to a card it shows that Ms.King finds John charming. The use of dialogue also explains that ms.King is not up to date, using old terminology from her time. In the novel the Pigman the author Paul Zindel uses figurative language such as similes, metaphors, and dialogue to describe characters and help the reader relate to them
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