Figures of Speech in English Newspaper Headlines

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I) Introduction The area of English Language and Literature Teaching (ELLT) has always been the point of attraction to the experts and teachers in English. ELLT, with its theoretical base, provides scope for practical intercourse and face-to-face interaction in the classroom. Language and Literature are considered to be the two sides of the same coin. While analyzing literature, it is necessary to consider the language of the genre as it reflects the genuine empirical fluctuations of the mind of the writer, and the study of language leads the reader to empathetic experiences about the literature. Text remains the only major source of teaching and learning of English in majority of the institutes in India. It is a rare occasion for an average Indian student to turn outside the text to learn English. Why should he turn outside the text? Some reliable answers are needed to satisfy the questions. ‘In an addition to its low cost and availability, the newspaper is contemporary and offers a variety of interesting material from newspaper to puzzle and recipes. The newspaper accommodates a wide level of reading abilities generally raging from fifth to twelfth grade, and can be marked and disposed of with little concern for cost. The newspaper, in short, makes excellent material for classroom instruction.’(Cheyney Arnold B. 1). The conservative approach of teaching English through text only has been changed drastically in recent years. Now, newspaper is believed as the best
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