Figuring Out The World Of Dyslexia

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Maria Kline
Miss. Roth
English 1-2
21 March 2017
Figuring Out the World of Dyslexia When hearing the word Dyslexia what comes to mind? Nothing? Knowing the basic concepts about dyslexia can help teacher get a better understanding to help students improve and excel in school. It helps the students with improving their comprehension skills and getting a better grasp on phonics skills. Lastly, it can improve preparations for test and or quizzes. The problems caused by dyslexia will be reviewed with the goal of better understanding the condition so that we can better help students who have dyslexia improve in their reading comprehension skills, improve their ability to study better, and do better in school. People who have
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It will also be very useful in the future for preparing on test and quizzes and knowing anything is possible. “A student 's takes undesirable risks around the activity in Order to well” (Foss 106). Taking a chance to understand how dyslexia works will help with preparing for tests. It creates a comfort since anything is able to be accomplished after taking time to understand. Learning about dyslexia can help overcome fear with studying and give students a sense of knowing that these skills can assure success. There are many tools as well to help with a dyslexic brain to help prepare students for school and tests since the brain works a bit differently than others. Learning about dyslexia could help improve students performance in school. Encourage them when the student improves and that tells them to keep up the good work. When that is done, it makes that students feel proud and not put down since they may be slow learners in the classroom. Support the sense of confidence and self worth that individuals with dyslexia develop (Publisher house inc. 2016). Giving the student a sense of confidence in themselves will encourage them to do well. It sets them up for success. Getting a compliment or a pat on the back makes anybody feel good and praising all that they have overcome and or accomplished in school. A Helton self conception can be fostered through the right combination of internal and external supports (Publisher house inc. 216).
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