Figuring out What Job Would Be a Good Fit for My Interests

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Figuring out what job would be a good fit for my interests and personal goals has not been an easy task. I am pretty confident in what I plan on doing in my future. I feel pretty confident that my chosen career path is the one for me. To help show why its a good career path for me, I spent a lot of time researching my , personality, aptitude, and my career.
I chose my senior research paper as my artifact because not only did I put much time and effort into it, I feel it is a good representation of the work I have done in high school. It was a large assignment that I did a lot of research for. I used all of the previous English writing skills that I have learned while in school, and I also learned some more. In my junior English class, I also did a career research paper, but in this paper I took it a step further by including more research and more components. This paper shows some of my highest level of writing skills and helped prepare me for taking English courses in college.
My paper efficiently demonstrates proficiency of the Idaho core level standards. I researched material and wrote informative texts to examine how certain aspects coincide with my career of choice. My paper is written in a professional format, using MLA, and is geared toward a teacher for my audience. One of the Idaho core standards is “Develop and strengthen writing as needed by planning, revising, editing, rewriting, or trying a new approach….” This is something I used a lot to help me form my ideas
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