Fiji Community Observation Report

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Additionally, Fiji presents numerous opportunities to volunteer in the community and conduct research within marine eco-systems. One passion of mine has always been assisting the disadvantaged and understanding the steps that I can personally take to reduce the various global disparities. In particular, I am extremely fascinated with aquatic species and those on the edge of extinction or in extreme danger. As a child, one of my most treasured experiences was when I had the incredible opportunity to swim with dolphins in Turks and Caicos, and learned about their habit and imminent threats. Specifically, in Fiji, 5 out of the 7 species of marine turtles are severely endangered due to over exploitation and immense habitat destruction. Compared…show more content…
On top of offering multiple 5 star resorts, the outer islands of Fiji present extremely inexpensive transportation and housing options that cater towards the exploratory tourist. In fact, tipping is often discouraged in Fijian culture, and can save a backpacker small amounts of cash necessary for activities and food. Both Tahiti and Hawaii are significantly costlier and do not carry the same appeal for true adventure seekers. Specifically in Hawaii, the majority of resorts are high-rise buildings that are packed with North-American tourists and infused with Western culture. Tahiti offers tranquil overwater bungalows and the opportunity to visit various island surroundings, but both come with a steep price tag. With a strict budget, Fiji will provide the ability to roam a new island each day and engage in authentic cultural traditions. Personally, I do not see the benefit in spending an enormous sum of cash to experience a glorified version of what is already at home. By immersing myself in foreign territory I will be able to learn attributes about myself that would never have been possible in a familiar…show more content…
A concept derived from meditation, mindfulness concerns being present and observant in a nonjudgmental way. The essence of being mindful revolves around noticing new things; not being consumed in past thoughts or future worries. When an individual is introduced to a new environment, the brain cannot help noticing and reflecting on the novel stimuli. However, once this natural mindfulness wears off, individuals form routines and habits that promote ignorance to their surroundings. Therefore, a trip that forces me to be engaged and mindfully involved in my own life will become a valuable souvenir to take home, long after the vacation has ceased. The distinct remoteness and unknown associated with Fiji makes it the ultimate destination to increase my mental
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