Fiji Water And Corporate Social Responsibility Essay

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Danielle Salvatore Green Marketing 405 November 30, 2016 Fiji Water & Corporate Social Responsibility Green Makeover or “GreenWashing?” Introduction: Fiji Water developed a simple product that has come to be a symbol of high class and support for the environment. Bottled water is a luxury product which the Fiji company claims is made with “sustainable practices.” When one takes a closer look at the company and its product though, it is hard to come to the conclusion that they are indeed ahead of the curve on sustainability. Bottled water is surrounded by controversy, its sustainability firmly in question. Notably in 2008 Fiji Water was blasted by the public and their growing knowledge of the carbon impact that the production of bottled water was having on the environment. In countries like the United Stats, United Kingdom and other developing countries, Fiji Water was directly targeted for its “water insanity” due to the fact that the bottled water produced was shipped from South Pacific islands to its main markets thousands of miles away. Shortly thereafter, Fiji Water tried to right its wrongs by coming up with a environmental sounding tagline that was quickly deemed as greenwashing by environmental groups. Even the Fiji government was against the brand, seizing hundreds of containers of bottled water on grounds that the company was engaging in transfer price manipulation. After heavy taxes were imposed and layoffs ensued, Fiji Water intensified its PR activities and
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