Fiji Water And Its Impact On Fiji

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Fiji Water is everywhere in pop culture, celebrities drink it such as the Obamas and are used in hotels and by chefs. It placed everywhere for everyone to see, to make people want to buy this water more and more. But we have seen through Lenzer 's article and perspective that there are certain aspects of the company, their practices, and involvement in the Fiji Islands that are were never made known to public or just false claims and statements. Fiji Water implies with their statements that they 're the ambassadors of Fiji and they help improve Fiji for the better but there are discrepancies with that. It is the responsibility of Fiji Water to be open and honest with their consumers,stockholders, and to the public, not take advantage of poor and corrupt government but instead improve and bring attention to it and the lives of the Fijians, and lastly, to give back to the land they profit so much from. Fiji Water has no doubt, got great marketing and business minds such as their owners Lynda and Stewart Resnick and the founder, David Gilmour. They even fooled customers into paying more by making their bottles square shape which presents a more fancy object that appears to cost more money but in reality cost ass much as any old bottle of water, especially with their vow to reduced their packaging use by 20 percent. They even have a plan for the "Eco-friendly" consumers in mind with their "Fiji Green" in which they claimed that by drinking their water, consumers are

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