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FIl 11 Oral LT3 Pula, Puti, at Saka Blu, at Marami Pang Korol 1. Moralistikong Pananaw ● Batayang Tanong: ○ Mahirap talaga ang buhay ng mga mahirap, kaya kailangan natin tulungan sila. ○ Huwag tayo gumamit ng drugs. ○ Huwag natin impluwensyahin ang iba na gumaya sa mga masama na ginagawa natin. ○ Dodoy: Death is not the best way to escape your problems, the end does not justify the means. ○ Dyong: Don't influence others to follow your erroneous ways. Prioritize your life. ○ Nenet: Respect and take care of your body, you should not resort to selling your body. ○ Toto: Don't just keep following people, think first. There is always time to change, no situation is hopeless. ● Catharsis ○ There is always hope. ○ If one is poor, your life will…show more content…
○ Dyong ■ Oral: Same problem ■ Phallic: They weren't told that having sex while at such a young age was bad and so he developed a notion that sex is normal. This can be seen in the way he pushed Nenet to be with Mr. Honeycomb. Carl Jung ○ The animus was more present in Dodoy's life, however this was not the ideal animus. Since he was being violently abused by man in his early years, this may have manifested itself in him killing his mo because he thought violence was the solution. ○ What stopped Nenet and Dodoy's mom from becoming anima was the shadow in the story, or in other words poverty. 4. Marxistang Pananaw ● Batayang Tanong ○ The kids were withdrawn from society because of their poverty. We can imagine them just sitting in a corner doing drugs while the world is going on. ○ Because of their lack of resources they bought solvent which could provide instant gratification instead of more expensive but beneficial things like food. ○ All this is happening because the top of the pyramid is not helping the lower sections. ○ The government spent a lot of money building the LRT to supposedly help the economy but that cannot be seen in the situation in the story. ○ Proletariat: Nenet offering her body while Honeycomb is the Bourgeois availing of the product. ○ In the end we can see that Honeycomb was still able to take advantage of Dyong, in this sense the bourgeois abused the proletariat in the end. ○ We can see the expression that Capitalism is an

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