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This office represents Claimant, Young Wha Chang (“Chang”), with respect to her claim for the property damage of her vehicle which was damaged by your driver, Marcin M. Wencel (“Wencel”). This letter is to inform you that Change has authorized us to file a law suit against the driver and your company, as his employer, has shown no genuine interest to settle this matter ever since Chang had contacted your company in early September 2015. It has been more than four months that you have wasted my client’s valuable times and efforts. Please be noted that this letter is the last step prior to file a law suit regarding this matter. On August 31, 2015 at approximately 10:25 am, Claimant Chang’s vehicle was parked in the rear parking lot of her business, F & L Wholesale VA Inc. located at 9408-G Gunston Road, Lorton, Virginia 22071. Chang’s vehicle was ripped open by the sharp corner of rear driver side of the white Hyundai delivery truck of Go To Logistics, Inc. driven by Wencel while he was pulling the truck out of the loading dock located in the rear side of F & L Wholesale VA Inc. Since the space between the truck and parked cars in front and side the loading dock was tight and limited, Mr. Eliseo Sepulveda, an employee of F & L Wholesale VA Inc. told Wencel of the limited space condition and asked Wencel to drive further out to the designated trailer turnaround area. Even though Wencel was told of the parked cars, he turned his truck to his
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