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File Management
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November 19, 2012
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File Management In a system that supports 5,000 users protection and accessibility are key roles for the system. On a system of 5,000 users allowing only 4,990 users to access one file must make good use of protection as well as accessibility. Protection of files needs to be set up so that there is access given to users on a system in three different permission categories. The first is the permission to read a file. The second is the permission to write or make changes to a file. The final is the permission to run or execute a file. A UNIX system sets up three classifications for its users; an owner or user, a group, and the other. First is the
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The operating system sets up or assigns unsigned integers for user identification numbers. UNIX usually assigns user identifiers between zero to nine to system functions (“Practical Unix & Internet Security”, n.d.). Human users typically start at 20 or 100. For the scenario for a system that currently supports 5,000 users, the user identifiers will start at 100 and go up to 5,099. Group identification numbers are set up by the system administrator (“Practical Unix & Internet Security”, n.d.). Setting permissions based on user identification numbers or group identification numbers sets up the protection of the files on the system. Permission to files are given at a user level or at the group level. Depending on the number of user identifications to be included or excluded will drive how the permissions are to be set. Permissions should be given as well as restricted with caution. Just as giving to many permissions to a file will limit the protection of the file, over restricting a file can impede some processes and work. Setting permissions at group levels will give ease to administration. Removing a user from a group removes that user from all group file access. There are two different ways to reach resolution for meeting the needs of the scenario for allowing only 4,990 users of 5,000 to have access to one file. Assigning individual access per each user ID is a means to reaching resolution, but it is a
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