File System and Configuration File Essay

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Final Exam Study Guide

1. Which runlevel is textual multi-user mode? Pg 431


2. Which system script contains the default runlevel? Pg425


Use the following information for study points 3-5:

A system administrator is manually setting up a new daemon named analyzed. The daemon should be set to run at runlevel 3 and be the very last daemon to load.

3. What should the link to start the daemon be named? Pg 426,427


4. What command would stop the analyzed daemon? Pg 427

service analyzed stop

5. What command would tell the system at which runlevels to start analyzed? Pg 430

chkconfig -level 35 analyzed

6. What command would let you most safely switch to runlevel 2 without rebooting
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Pg 794


34. Know all of the record types that maps a host name to an IP address and is used for forward lookups. Pg 780

A (address), Cname, MX, NS, PTR, SOA

35. Know all of the record types maps an alias to a host name. Pg 780


36. Which configuration file would an administrator normally modify in order to change the IP address that sendmail listens on? Pg 673

37. What port does sendmail listen on? Pg 671


38. Which file allows sendmail to host accounts for multiple domains? Pg 681


39. Dovecot provides which two protocols? Pg 689


40. Know all of the examples of an MTA. Pg 669


41. What file is used to tell a Linux system which resources to use (and in what order) for services such as authentication and name resolution? Pg 696


42. The main configuration file for LDAP is __________. Pg 711


43. The root, or top-level, domain in an LDAP hierarchy is called the _______. Pg 711


44. What port does LDAP use for unencrypted traffic . Pg 713


45. What represents a fully Distinguished Name? Pg 711


46. What can be best described as a divider between fields in a data file? Pg 1024


47. In regular expressions, which character is used to tell a utility to look for the given

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