Filgencio Batista Biography

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“We are a migrant family,” she began. It was 1968 when my grandmother, Teresa Hernandez, and her spouse of seven years, Roger Hernandez, fled from the communist country of Cuba with my two-year-old mother, Maria. Fulgencio Batista ruled as a ruthless dictator prior to the well-known Castro family, driving the Cuban economy into collapse and publicly executing those who disagreed with his governing tactics. He was over-thrown in 1959 by the Cuban people during “La Revolución”, a radicalized movement led by Fidel Castro promising wonderful restoration, but it only led to the genesis of his totalitarian regime. Life on the island rapidly changed: businesses were forced to close, the government owned all, and the inhabitants owned not one thing to their names. Many, such as her family, fled the country despite the dreadful consequences to seek “un nuevo futuro”: a new future; a new life.
Cuba no longer received help from the United States due to
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The trio went to Havana, the capital, in 1967 to file the papers for passports and visas, and they were declared traitors, which were nicknamed “gusanos:” Spanish for “worms.” Within ten days, the authorities took Roger from his home to serve in a concentration camp for the crime of treason, due to their desire to leave the country, and he was released nine months after. The motorcycle man was the person who delivered the telegrams from the immigration department to alert the family of the released that they were permitted to move away from Cuba, signaling the start of their new lives. Every time he would be heard, the entire town went running towards him to see if they were allowed departure. Teresa finally heard what she had been awaiting, and as she watched their house be sealed off from them, she dreamt of their new life away from the Castro
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