Filipino And Colonial Mentality

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US also selected promising Filipino leaders and sent them to prestigious American universities where they learned American forms of ov government and culture, They would return to the philippines securing positions within government and governed based off American model. It was as it seems, what the Americans had intended to do. Knowingly or not, these Filipinos who were educated through the American system may have supplemented the teachings of the Americans through the way they led and communicated with the Filipinos back home, contributing to the notion that anything that was western, or American, is far better than anything filipino, which in turn may have affected their devaluing in the filipino culture. Colonial mentality can be described as an “attitude that colonized people feel themselves to be inferior to their colonizers based on the fact of colonization.” There are numerous other examples where Filipino/Filipino-Americans can experience colonial mentality. We can see this stemming from results of generational family socialization and the continued americanization that continues to exist, “further endorsing notion of american superiority over filipino ethnicity and culture.” An example of the generational family socialization can be seen throughout the novel of American Son. Ika’s two sons, Gabriel and Tomas are half-filipino and half-white as a result of their father who served in the military and is no longer part of their life. Neither of these children
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