Filipino Family Assessment

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Filipino Family Health Assessment Marites Luna Grand Canyon University: Family-Centered Health Promotion October 12, 2014 Filipino Family Assessment Gordon 's (2007) functional health pattern is a tool created by Marjory Gordon to provide a more comprehensive nursing assessment. There are eleven assessment questions asked by a nurse. The eleven categories make it possible for nurses to collect data systematically and to get an overview of the individual 's health status (Edelman & Mandel, 2010). This paper will focus on a Filipino family health assessment using Gordon 's functional health pattern, presented three topics at a time. In addition, this paper will also address two wellness nursing diagnoses based on the…show more content…
The mother made a point that her mind is not as sharp when she was younger. She is more forgetful and takes longer to learn new materials. The youngest daughter agreed that her mother is slightly forgetful but she thinks it is normal due to lack of sleep and stress. The youngest daughter confessed that she too is forgetful. There is no known history of the mother 's parents having a history of cognitive disorder, as they did not have diagnosis like we have now. Sensory Perception, Self-Perception and Role Relationship The third of the three topics assessed were sensory perception, self-perception, and role relationship. Both the mother and the youngest daughter wear prescribed eyeglasses. The rest of their senses and the kids ' are intact. As for self-perception, the mother stated she is a strong person, driven by her love for the family. Her husband died approximately eleven years ago from liver disease and she has taken the responsibility of being the sole provider for the family. She noted that she still thinks of her husband often, especially around the holidays. The youngest daughter is divorced and she is the mother of two kids. Both of these women show a lot of love in the family. The mother, youngest daughter, and grandchildren live together under one roof. The mother and youngest daughter share responsibility of taking care of the children and often plan outings with their friends to de-stress. The mother stated that she plays both roles
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