Filipino Language and Green Card Bearer

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Group 1 (Cheng, Uy, Alipio) Short Story: Wedding Dance Poem: Bonsai

Group 2 (Rosabal, Gocela, Gamalinda) Short Story: The White Horse of Alih Poem: Patalim

Group 3 (Barlin and Castillejo) Short Story: Mayday Eve Poem: Bihirang Masulat ang Kaligayahan

Group 4 (De Jesus, Dela Cruz, Sioco) Short Story : My Brother’s Peculiar Chicken Poem: Poem 10

Group 5 (Chen, Uy, Qiu) Short Story: Dead Stars Poem: Gabu

Group 6 (Fule, Lim, Quinzon) Short Story: The Small Key Poem: You Can Choose Your Afterlife

Group 7 (Jeanjaquet, Quiogue, Manzo) Short Story: Ghost Poem: Si Lola Isyang at ang Matandang Puna ng Kaimito

Group 8 (Tumulak, Brucelas, Casas) Short Story: Rice Poem: What Poetry Does Not Say

Group 9 (Lopez, Gonzales, Lunaria)
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( Direct and |more common representation like a rose, a heart, or a kiss? |
|Indirect ) |Explain the line, “Araw-araw sinusubok naming mag-asawa ang talim n |
|Describe Alih’s relationship with his brother. Omar. |gaming balaraw.” |
|Explain the title. What is the significance/ symbolism of the white |Relate this with the last line, “Ganito kami lagi sapagkat labis ang |
|horse in Alih’s life? |pag-ibig naming sa isa’t-isa.” |
|What is the original plan of Omar and Alih for the 4th of July |Do you believe that true love is cut to the measure of great |
|American parade? What are reasons behind it? |conflicts? Substantiate your answer. |
|Explain the line: “Alih, simply, did not love his white horse, as he | |
|did his bouri | |
|GROUP 3 |
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