Filipino People and Spaniards

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Chapter 5
1. Besides the commercial and religious goals of Spain in colonizing the Philippines, give two other reasons (political and legal) why Spain claimed the country as its possession or the property of the King of Spain. * They also claim the country because of their Spirit of Discovery to our country, improvements of their technologies (for travel and trading purposes) and acquisition of our territories.
2. What is meant by “crown colony?” Can you give an example of a present “crown colony?” * A crown colony also called a royal colony was a state that was under political control by Britain and that was ruled and governed by a Governor who had been appointed by the monarch through the secretary of state for
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Discuss with your classmate whether these were necessary or not. * The Filipinos were compelled to pay tribute called Tributo to the colonial government. The Tributo was imposed as a sign of the Filipinos’ loyalty to the King of Spain. Those who paid were individuals between 16 to 60 yrs. old. In 1884, Tribute was nullified and replaced by the Cedula. It was a certificate identifying the taxpayer. The Donativo de Zamboanga, which was introduced in 1635, was a tax specifically used for the conquest of Jolo. Next is the Diezmos Prediales that was a tax consisting of one-tenth of the produce of one’s land. Last is the Vinta, a tax collected to fund vintas to guard the coastal areas of Luzon to defend the area against Muslim pirates.
8. What was the effect of the galleon trade on the Philippines? Why did it decline its prosperous start? * The Philippines (specifically, Manila) became a leading commercial center of trading in the region. Because later on, there are so many allegations about the process of trading goods that came from Manila. Restrictions consisted of P250,000 worth of goods to be sent to Mexico and P500,000 worth of goods to be sent from Mexico to Manila. Later, amounts were raised to P300,000 up to P500,000.

9. How did the Economic Society help to improve the economy of the Philippines? * Because of the proper division of the Society, that is capable to do their own tasks.
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