Film Analysis: A Monsoon Wedding Essays

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Crawford (2012) described many difference characteristics in mate selection which may potentially lead to marriage. She first describes marriage as being institutionalized because the laws (and certain religions) tells you who you can and cannot marry, when you can marry, and the responsibilities to each other while married. Yet people are infatuated with the ideology of love and romance. People choose their partners as individuals and expect to live their marriages according to their own needs and wishes (Crawford, 2012). Something that can explain why people choose to get married can be the marriage gradient. The marriage gradient states that women have the tendency to “marry up” and men tend to “marry down” (Crawford, 2012). This came…show more content…
Even though this is an arranged marriage, it is evident that the future husband is “marrying down” and Aditi is “marrying up”.
2. Modern marriages are considered “senior partner-junior partner” relationship. Wives work outside the home but her job is considered less valuable than her husband. Her job is just considered as extra money to “help out”. Contrary to traditional marriages, modern marriages value time spent together and some discussions touch base on husband/wife roles rather than taking them for granted. Like traditional marriages the wife is still as responsible for household chores and child care but since they work, this is considered as a second shift. Aditi’s parents can be considered a modern marriage. The movie does not show either parent working but you can see the father spending majority of the money throughout the wedding ceremonies. They do spend time together, whether it is with family or alone. They speak to each other about their children and their wedding. There is a scene where Aditi’s mother is showing her husband the silverware that was given to her by her mother when she got married, as well as some fabrics that was passed down to her. They engaged in a conversation on how their only daughter is about to leave home and start her life as a married woman. Aditi’s
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