Film Analysis: African American Violet

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There is a large racial disparity with unjust arrests in America. African Americans are discriminated and racially profiled more than any other race within the criminal justice system (Slate, 2015). The main goals of the criminal justice system are to prevent and control crime and to achieve justice (Crime&Justice International, 1997). However, according to the ‘American Progress’, “people of color, particularly African Americans and Latinos are unfairly targeted by the police and face harsher prison sentences compared to other races, particularly white Americans (American Progress, 2015). Although the criminal justice is to provide equal justice to all of its citizens, African Americans tend to not receive the same justice. Specifically, African…show more content…
Some issues it displays includes, social injustice towards the poor, wrongful convictions, and using military tactics to terrorize poor people. The high population of residence in many of the urban housing projects consist of mainly African Americans. A lot of the times, many drug raids take place in housing projects. As stated by Alfred Woodard, in the movie’s trailer, many of these people who live in housing projects are poor. The drug raids specifically take place because they know that because these people are poor, they cannot afford a lawyer which then forces them into a situation where they must plead guilty to avoid jail time whether they did it or not. With the accused pleading guilty they are raising the conviction rate of the DA’s and public defenders allowing them to get more money. This is a social problem because it falsely shows that the criminal justice system is achieving justice. Studies show that African Americans are arrested twice as much than white Americans even though the use and the distribution of drugs amongst white and African Americans are about the same (Slate,…show more content…
Based on what occurs often in a society, that will most likely become a norm to a person within that society. For example, if a young man grows up in an area where a majority of the people in that area sell and does drugs then he will most likely grow up to sell and do drugs as well. Knowing this, it is easier for the police to come to this area and do drug raids which will result in high incarceration. Now everyone in this area is labeled as criminals which may causes association to others of the same race but live in different areas. Now every time police see an African American, they will associate them as a criminal which has led to the injustice formed against African
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