Film Analysis : American Honey By Andrea Arnold

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One of the first things I learned in cinema class was that the size of the screen can play a huge role in the way the viewer experiences a film. American Honey by Andrea Arnold felt like one of those movies that was tailor made to be experienced to its full potential on the big screen. If I saw this movie at home on a smaller screen, there would be so many things that I would not be able to experience because of the limitation on-screen size. Andrea Arnold uses the technique of viewing cinema as a window to give a better experience and outlook for the audience. Using cinema as a window gives the viewers a special ocular access to whatever is going on throughout the film (Elsasser 14). This is usually a rectangular view which helps the…show more content…
Also, the moving camera constantly shifts and changes relationships helping me engage in the film and think about what was going on. Furthermore, Arnold uses cinema as a window and creates an open film. It seemed like at any part of the movie you could turn the camera off, but the events that were going on would still occur and everything would still be the same in the diegetic world. This tells us Arnold created the diegetic world to be its own separate world where everything occurs according to the characters, it extends far beyond the limit of the image (Elsasser 18), it is not a world that is meant to be created just for the purpose of the movie. This is most evident in the last scene of the film where Star is in the lake and she jumps the screen goes still and the credits roll in. While I was watching the movie and this sequence occurred, I was expecting more to happen, but then Star’s image froze and then the credits came and I was shocked for a bit, but realizing how Arnold set up this film and the techniques that she used it was not really a surprise. The sequence that occurred reminded of the ending scene in Mediterranea, it was the scene where Arnold tells the audience their role in the film is over and cuts off their access from the diegetic world. The stable camera signalled the ending for the viewer. Even though the movie has ended it is made clear that the events going on in the

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