Film Analysis: Brokeback Mountain Essay

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Final Project: Brokeback Mountain The movie discussed in this project is Brokeback Mountain, directed by Ang Lee. This movie was released on 2005. The movie is about two young men, Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist, that get a job taking care of sheeps during the summer on Brokeback Mountain in Wyoming. Ennis is engaged to Alma. They are getting married in the fall. Ennis wants to have his own ranch one day. Jack wants to become the greatest rodeo cowboy alive. Ennis and Jack become friends and later on they start going out. By the end of the summer, both of them go on their own way. Ennis married Alma, and they have two girls. Jack has a son with a cowgirl called Lureen whose father is wealthy because he has a business that sells…show more content…
I will be analyzing the scene where Ennis tells Jack why they shouldn’t live together in their own ranch when Jack suggests that they can be together the whole time. Director Ang Lee uses cross-cutting, sound, and soundtrack in this scene of Brokeback Mountain to show that people did not accept homosexuals then, and they still don’t accept them now. That is the reason why Ennis is afraid of being together with Jack, and other people knowing about it. The director Ang Lee uses cross-cutting to tell the story of Ennis. Jack tells Ennis that they can go and live together so they can be together the whole time. Ennis tells him that it cannot happen. Ennis says “We are around each the wrong place... in the wrong time...Two guys living together. No way.” Ennis is telling the story of two old guys that lived together down home, and that they were the joke of the town. Someone found one of the two guys dead. The director is showing Ennis telling the story and then it cuts to show the flashback of when Ennis’ dad takes his brother and him to see the guy’s dead body. While they show the flashback, they have the sound of Ennis narrating the story with a soundtrack in the background that gives suspense and sadness. The director also uses tracking shots and hand-held shots in the part where Ennis, his father, and his brother were walking
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