Essay about Film Analysis: Crash

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Over the span of the two days shown in the dramatic film, Crash, we are introduced to several contrasting characters in Los Angeles with differing storylines: Two African-American criminals who possess many theories about the effects race and social class have on their community. A Persian immigrant, who speaks limited English, and his intelligent, Americanized daughter. A privileged white-collar criminal lawyer and his spoiled wife. A pair of Caucasian policemen, a young optimist and his bigoted partner who returns home every night to tend to his ill father. A black Hollywood director who’s wife believes her husband is ashamed of his race. A Latino locksmith, preoccupied with protecting his young daughter from their crime-ridden neighborhood. And two detectives: one Hispanic woman and a black man, who feels the need to look after his aging, drug-addicted mother. Throughout the story, the storylines begin to interweave and we see the effects that all these people have on the others that surround them. Richard Cabot, the attorney, and his wife, Jean, walk through a wealthy part of downtown Los Angeles, when Jean sees two young black men facing her and her husband on the sidewalk. She pulls closer to her husband as they continue along past them. Almost immediately after they enter their car, they are held at gunpoint by the men and are forced out of the car. This heightens Jean’s already-present racist fears, and over the course of the day she continues to voice these…

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