Film Analysis : Five Values

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Five values represented in this film: Diversity - This film shows all the diversity all over the world. It shows the diversity in people, in places, in cultures. It shows every kind of diversity possible, from the smallest thing to the biggest. Equality - While at the same time it is showing diversity, is is also showing equality. In this film it takes away faces, names, social statuses. It show people as they are, not what they make themselves to be. While the film shows that people are all different, it also shows that people all start out the same, and end the same. Learning - This film show ancient cultures, ones that have become civilized and ones that have not. It teaches you of some origins, and traditions that still go on today. You can learn of different cultures, and different environments on this world. You can get an outside view of something you are involved in everyday. Sometimes when you are in the midst of it, you may not see it for what it is, and once you do you may not like what you see. Dependability - In this film is shows that people changed into what they need to be to live. The depend on their environment, and evolved in their own way to live in their environment. It shows, that while humans can live on their own, we still depend on nature and each other to survive. Individuality - While this film show equality among people, it can also show individuality. It shows that everybody is different, everything is different, and while you can get lost in
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