Film Analysis : Frida Kahlo 's Art

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Frida Kahlo’s art was a tool to convey the woman she really saw. The self-portraits she created were not idealized or meant to be surreal, but an actual representation of her true self. This pure expression inspired my own work in many ways. My desire became to create something with duality, as many of her pieces have, and which expressed my sense of self as purely as possible. There were a few challenges I faced, but overall, using Frida Kahlo as inspiration showed me how art connects the conscious to the primary world.
The reason I chose Frida Kahlo as inspiration was because of her ability to create herself in a way other artists do not. Kahlo’s art has always been a source of fascination to me. The surrealism her pieces provide were more interesting to me than other, more direct, portraits. They seemed to affect the mind differently than those artists who only wanted to show the real world. However, I had never looked further into her work than knowing they existed. Being able to learn more about her this semester exposed how her pieces displayed the self she truly saw. Knowing this made the paintings even more beautiful. The purity in which Kahlo paints the pain and the terrible events in her life made me want to express who I see myself as despite my lack of real artistic ability. Likewise, knowing she did not paint for the judgement or admiration of others is powerful. I have a lot of trouble doing anything without thinking of how others might…
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