Film Analysis : Ghandi

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The first image, image I, is a depiction of a scene during a short clip from the movie, “Ghandi.” This particular scene represents the phenomenon that Europeans had developed a sense of racism that overtook cultural chauvinism. The colonial people experienced a new European conventional wisdom which entailed the idea that cultural characteristics were determined by someone’s race, or biology, and not by their education, history, or the environment. They were seen as unequal by their white leaders no matter their abilities. The Europeans looked upon the idea of race as the determining factor because biological characteristics could not be altered or changed whereas education, history, and the environment had this capability. In this scene…show more content…
This image dates from the late 1800s. The relationship between the two images and their phenomena is that both images depict a time where European’s sought to be in complete control of the colonized people. In some ways, it seems as though the ideas from the “civilizing mission,” the second image, could have influenced the view that European’s had and displayed in the scene from “Ghandi” which pertains to the first image. In both scenarios, Europeans saw the African people as inferior and unequal. They felt the need to obtain full control and civilization over the Africans and their homeland. 2) The first image, image I, is a depiction of well-known philosopher and socialist, Karl Marx. Socialists believed that it was possible to create a society free of class divisions and poverty where everyone was happy and fulfilling their potential. This picture of Marx represents the phenomenon of “scientific socialism” which is a theory that was developed by Marx. He argued that he had proven that there would be a communist revolution in the future based on his study of human history. Marx backed his theory by stating that he had found historical laws of society that told there was an inevitable collapse of the capitalist system. He believed

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