Film Analysis : Into The Wild

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Into the Wild The movie Into the Wild is about a young man who finished his university education and through everything away. He did this because he wanted to go into the wilderness to find answers to his questions to his life. There are multiple scenes that moved me when watching this movie. The first scene that moved me was during a campfire scene with Jan and Chris. They were talking and Jan said that “You look like a loved kid, be fair.” Chris answered “Rather than love, in money, in faith, in fame, and fairness. Give me truth.” This scene is significant for me because what Chris is saying. He is saying that all he wants are truthful answers about life. This is basically what my self discovery is about because I honestly do not know…show more content…
The opportunities that I missed are joining an elite basketball team just because I did not feel like joining and was not motivated to play even though I had the talent to do it, procrastinating and not doing the work and study, cheating, not trying, and being too passive with people. I regret a lot of things but these are the ones that stick out to me. Another scene that moved me is during at that sand mountain scene with Ron and Chris. They were talking and having deep talks. Ron told Chris that “Your love, and when you love, God’s light shines on you.” This is significant and it moved me because I could relate to it and agree to him as well. God believes that love is purest and the best thing that humans do. On my own discovery, I look for the path on what the definition what love really means. There are different meanings to it like family love, unconditional love, romantic love, sexual love, friends love but I know there is a deeper meaning to it and it is one of my existential questions that I would like to answer in the future. The scene where Ron is going to let Alexander Supertramp continue his journey to Alaska. Before Chris left the van, Ron said “I had an Idea, I’m the only child in my family, so my family line would be dead after me. What do you say, let me adopt you? I could be, say your grandfather.” This scene is significant because Ron showed compassion
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