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Many live attempting to decipher the riddle of life. What is life? What is the purpose? What makes? Even though we only seek happiness why can’t we ever seem to achieve it? When we do reach happiness why can’t we seem to grasp it and hold it for more than the few short hours that pass like seconds? The question we must answer first is “What makes happiness, true?” In the film “Into the Wild” it shows Chris, a young adult, trying to make his way to Alaska. His beliefs in freedom and isolation from the modern world would drive him to go to Alaska in hope that he finds the so simple goal, happiness. He struggle sand faces obstacles that hinder him to his destination. Odd people, intelligent people, elderly people, young people; he met all…show more content…
But what is the answer to the question of “What makes happiness true?” In the poem, “Happiness Is Not Comforts” by Dr. John Celes, it states “Happiness is in making and seeing the less fortunate ones, smile.” This can tell us that happiness isn’t just about personal desire but also about others around you. Happiness is nothing when everyone is sad around you. This poem also shows how sharing with others gives the feeling. The same characteristic are explained in all three pieces described. This poem answers the question by explaining that happiness is caused not by what you surround yourself by who you surround yourself with. It attempts to tell us that comforts are just empty feelings that fade quickly. But things like giving to others, showing love and compassion towards other, and going out of your way to do little things for someone is what gives a full happiness. The other poem that helps answer the question of what makes happiness real is in the poem “Happiness” by Juan OIivarez. The poem literally states that not being alone made him feel and experience true happiness. This list the things that makes him feel happy and it just the little simple things such as walking in the rain, going home and seeing family that he hasn’t seen in a long time. This piece answer the question by suggesting that little things and being with people that love you and want to be with you is what makes happiness true.

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