Film Analysis: Lars And The Real Girl

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In the movie, Lars and the Real Girl, Lars suffers from an undefined medical condition. He goes through a phase of having a life size doll and thinking it is real. He also tries to avoid any contact with his brother or his brother’s wife, Karen, which are his neighbors. He shows symptoms of the Schizoid Personality Disorder and Schizophrenia. His symptoms of the Schizoid disorder are he avoids relationships and prefers to be alone with no social contact. From Schizophrenia, he has disorganized and confused speech, and social withdrawal. Towards the beginning, Karen would always try to make Lars come over and have dinner with them, but he would always make an excuse not to. Also, he would never let people touch him. As a treatment, his doctor would start to hold his hand…show more content…
So everyone plays along and act like Bianca is real. He takes her to the lake that he and his brother used to go to all the time and play at. He is trying to fill the empty hole now because he probably misses it and wants things to be back to as they were before. Lars starts to talk to Margot, a girl at his work that likes him. He is not interested at all, but then he starts to change his mind. The more Margot talks to him, the more he would start to distance Bianca. Close to the end of the movie, he tells the doctor that he proposed to Bianca and she said no. He is trying to distance himself in a way that would be her decision. After he and Margot go bowling together, you can tell that he is starting to develop feelings for her. For example, he even shakes her hand, which was a sign of his touching paranoia getting better. Later, he acts devastated due to Bianca’s sickness, which she dies from. This was the only way he could let go of her. He starts to get closer to Margot after Bianca dies, which in reality is what I think he had been actually wanting to do the whole time. He just had to figure out how to do
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