Film Analysis : More Diversity

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More diversity
When people look at most of today’s TV shows, advertisements, and films what do they see? They see a lot of white people. The ratio of white to other races is very unproportioned. Tv, and shows movies are usually a lot of white people with the occasional black friend. In almost every film, an Indians have a strong stereotypical Indian accent. Not every Indian talks like that. Media and film should be more diverse by giving minorities more opportunities, and stop portraying minorities in a bad way. A great start to making films more diverse is by giving minorities more opportunity for important roles. The common roles for black are the stereotypical black best friend that helps the main character go through conflict with sassiness or attitude, the thug, drug dealer or con-artist, the prostitute, the nanny ( or maid) and the ignorant, loud mouth, neck rolling, ghetto woman. Hispanics are only seen as thugs, house workers or immigrants. The only time minorities are play in major roles is when the director is of a similar ethnicity. A recent interview between editor from Observer Culture and world renowned actor, writer, comedian, and director, Woody Allen. Allen was asked if any young talented black actors will ever play in his movies because there are lack of blacks in his films. Allen responded “Not unless I write a story that requires it. You don’t hire people based on race. You hire people based on who is correct for the part. The implication is that I’m
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