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Course Instructor Institution Date The Fight Club Movie Introduction The movie “Fight Club” is an American based film that was produced in 1999. The production was done after the release of a novel in 1996 by Chuck Palahniuk. The movie involved stars such as Edward Norton, Brad Pitt and Helena Bonham Carter and David Fincher is the director. An overall analysis of the video shows that it is a very disturbing film in that it questions our conscience, our phobias, obsessions, reality as well as habits. Many individuals up to date presume that it is visually stimulating, insightful and at the same time provoking. In the movie, the “Narrator” suffers from insomnia and during his pursuit of trying to change his life, he meets a soap maker (Tyler) with whom together they open an underground fight club that evolves into something they never expected. The nameless narrator attends several support groups as a way of dealing with his insomniac state where he also meets a fellow fake attendee (Marla) and finally finds that his life is becoming quite more comfortable. Together with the two individuals, the form the soap making scheme and the fight club which later turns out to be a platform for competitive rivalry involving power and love. Finally, a surprise ending comes when the narrator’s hidden agenda is exposed, and he eventually accepts the bitter truth that Tyler is not who he thought he was. Themes According to my analysis, three critical items exist in this movie. First,

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