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As a medium, films act as a very effective medium to share the stories and affecting people’s life. Since ancient times, the stage has been utilized to tell stories. When the motion picture was invented in the 19th century, it instantaneously captivates the world. Films have the power to hypnotize, bringing its viewer to certain realms. With its power to subdue its subject, film becomes a vocal tool to get inside people’s mind. Just like literature, film also creates and promotes cultures.

Why It Is Important
From time to time, this medium has been misused by a large number of people in the industry, to sell propagandas and deceitful agendas. Hollywood gives influences the whole world and set a certain paradigm of thought to
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Through this production company, Christian movies are produced for various purposes to tell the Gospel, strengthening the faith, and inspiring people.

Vision & Mission
Evangelizing the Words of God through entertainment medium.
Rebalancing the understanding of the Words of God from existing misunderstanding from the secular productions.
Providing, in particular, a healthier entertainment to the believers and, in general, act as a tool to spread the Gospel to the greater populations.
Inspiring people about what the Christianity all about.

Producing Christian movies, shows, series, programmes, entertainment materials with Christian values.
Collaborating with other Christian entities in productions, missions, and societal concerns.
Educating the Christian community about the faith and understanding.
Participating with the universal church programs in effort to expand the true ministry to the larger population, to every corner of the world.

The proposal maker is a producer and director in film production with 25 years of experience and carries a good reputation in film industry. He works in various productions before establishing his own production that reaches Europe and South Africa. With strong

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