Film Analysis : 'Night Of The Living Dead'

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“Night of the Living Dead” Film Analysis Essay Alexa Shorrock (58 sentences) The film “Night of the Living Dead”, is about a woman, Barbara, who went to see her father’s grave with her brother, Johnny. While they are there, they both get attacked by a another man at the graveyard. But it wasn’t a usual person, he seemed almost like he was already dead. The man killed Johnny, and then continued to attack and follow Barbara to her car and then to a runned down house. When she got there the dead man stayed outside. Later on in the film, a man, Ben, came to get some gas for a truck he found. Ben ran into the house to see if there is a key to unlock the gas pump. He then met Barbara and helped her defend herself from the dead people. When he realized that Barbara wasn’t the owner of the house, Ben stayed and boarded up the house to keep them safe. From there Ben, went through the entire house trying to find things to help protect them and keep them alive. He was able to find food, a gun and bullets. When Ben was upstairs, keeping an eye out on the house, Barbara was downstairs and heard a noise from behind a door in the house. When the door opened, there were more people hiding in the basement. There was two men, Tom and Harry, along with their wives, Helen and Judy. The other people helped Ben try and get out of the house so that they could get to a safer place. Tom and Judy ended up dying when the truck exploded after they tried to get gas. The gas spilt all over the truck

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