Film Analysis Of A Streetcar Named Desire

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Gustavo Martinez
Period 3
Streetcar Film Analysis Elia Kazan directed the film A Streetcar Named Desire and produce by Warner Brothers in 1951. The novel was originally written by Tennessee Williams and promoted as a play in 1947 and turned into a film later through out its success . The awards received were the Pulitzer price award in 1948 and was nominated for best motion picture, best writing and screen play. The novel was basically about a former English school teacher named Blanche Dubois (played by Vivien Leigh), who decided to join her sister at her house, Stella Kowalski (Kim Hunter) and her husband Stanley Kowalski (Marlon Brando) in New Orleans. During Blanche is at Stanley’s and Stella’s home, Blanche is trying to
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Movie acting is different than stage acting because they have to be prepared to cut scenes out and from couple different angles and voice directly into the camera. The actors only learn the lines from the scene they are doing at the time instead of knowing them all. It is also not shot in the order it is seen in because they don’t want to be going back and forth from location to location, so they shoot all the scenes that is needed at a certain location. They also have to take more than one shot per scene because maybe they want different angles or someone may have messed up. A perfect example of movie vs. stage acting is the scene where Stanley yells out STELLA! Because he harmed her so she left with Eunice and he goes after her to apologize but has to get her attention by screaming her name out until she came out to talk to him. This scene must have been much easier for the film because the director and actors don’t have to worry about messing up they can just retake a scene and they can adjust it to their desire. While stage acting the actors have to deal with an audience watching their every move and if they mess up they don’t have another chance. Maybe the actor didn’t project their voice enough for everyone to hear them. They also might lose their voice from the very intense screaming. As well as forgetting a line on stage and embarrassing
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