Film Analysis Of Gavin Hood's 'Tsotsi'

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Set in Johannesburg in post-apartheid South Africa, the contrast between rich and poor is extensively explored in the film Tsotsi’, directed by Gavin Hood (2005). The movie illustrates the dramatic life of a young thug named Tsotsi, who shoots and steals a car from a middle-classed African woman, thus unintentionally kidnapping her baby. The themes of decency, redemption and chance are extensively explored within the film, absorbing the viewer’s attention. That is achieved by cinematic techniques, including camera angles, custom design and music that communicate Hood’s views of stereotyping. Through the use of camera angles, Hood has captured makes no sense. What do you mean” the views”? Look at the title of this essay and rethink how…show more content…
This stereotyping many young men who are like Tsotsi affected by AIDS or HIV as orphans to those diseases.makes no sense By the use of camera shots, Hood captures the realistic aspects of being orphaned and unconsciously transported into a thug lifestyle, conveying to the viewer the distinguishedwhy use this word? What do you mean? differences of being raised in the slums compared to being raised in a middle-class home. The use of visual elements such as customhow is custom a visual element? Can you see it? It seems you misunderstand the word “ custom” creates the distinguished settingsexpression of the film. Hood has emphasised the thug characteristics of Tsotsi through the use of costume design. Dressed in dark stereotypical gangster clothing that produces the uncertainty of Tsotsi to the viewerexpression. This is evident by the choice of his bright red t-shirt, that foreshadows his theexp criminal activatespellings, of killing innocent people and thus wearing his personality of a stereotypical thug. The viewers judgment of Tsotsi changes to empathy whenif you say “when” then you need to change your sentence structure e.g when I laugh, the baby cries. Your sentence structure is incorrect the image of Tsotsi rising up from the hill carrying the child, wearing a white clean shirt. This

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