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Remember the Titans


Remember the Titans directed by Boaz Yakin, is an inspirational feature film that retells the true story of a high school football team that overcame racism to win the football championship. Set in Virginia during the forced integration of high school districts in the American south, the film explores the idea of racism, friendship and communication in sports through the use of camera shots and angles, props, body language and juxtaposition. Yakin suggests that racist attitudes are the product of ignorance, but can be overcome by communication and friendship through the representation of Gary’s girlfriend, Emma’s change of attitude toward Julius. Yakin’s representation of Coach Boone
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Furthermore, Yakin uses body language and a close up when Emma introduces herself to Julius at the end of the film. Yakin’s use of close up on Emma’s outstretched hand has the effect of symbolising Emma’s change in attitude toward Julius. Through Gary’s example, Emma has become more tolerant and accepting of Julius because she no longer subscribes to racial stereotypes about African Americans. Clearly Yakin intends to condemn racist attitudes and reinforcing the value of communications and friendship. As a result of his representation, the film has positioned me to accept people even if someone has a different personality, instead of being injustice and unfair.

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Remember the Titans explores the idea of friendship through the use of camera angles and shots, props, body language and lighting. During the sequence when Gary and Julius are telling each other what they are doing wrong in the game, Yakin suggests that friendship promotes tolerance and acceptance, and empowers people to achieve their goals as well as overcome adversity. Yakin uses close up of the two players arguing, showing their frustration and anger toward each other. Julius tells Gary ‘Attitude reflects leadership.’ Taking his advice the next day, Gary and the others played well because they learned to play like an actual team. Yakin’s use of body language and facial expression has the effect of representing Gary and Julius’ anger toward one another, as both of them are frustrated

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