Film Analysis Of The Boy In The Striped Pajamas

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Title When watching historical fiction, there are certain features that will grab the attention of viewers and critics to show whether it is worthy of praise: a plot that grabs and holds attention, characters that have depth and are relatable, and a strategic use of humor to keep it from straying into a documentary. The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, has a choppy but haunting plot with shallow characters by design, and attracted favorable reviews from critics and fans alike. Also a historical fictionalization of the Holocaust, La vita e bella, or Life is Beautiful is a tragi-comedy with complex and detailed characters and stories that uses comedy to take the edge off the serious nature of the movie. While both are excellent, Life is…show more content…
This point of view also leaves the viewer with little backstory or context, and lapses in time aren’t clearly defined, leaving the story choppy and seemingly incomplete. As the movie opens Bruno is playing in the streets of Berlin as he returns home to find his families belongings being packed away and is told his father, a soldier, has been promoted and the family will be moving with him to his new job in the countryside. After hurting himself at his new abode and being tended to by Pavel (who he believes to be a farmer), he learns that he used to be a doctor, and makes the assumption he chose to become a farmer because he was bad at it. When Bruno sneaks off to adventure he finds the farm that he can see from his window. He meets a boy, Shmuel, who he forms a tentative friendship with, that is until Bruno is left unsheltered with his tutor and exposed to tremendous amounts of propaganda and the camp is not a farm, but for Jews. When Shmuel worked in the home, Bruno gave him food, but when he caught talking to him he blames Shmuel who is then beaten. Soon after, Bruno’s Mother finds out from a soldier that the propaganda about the camps is fake, and the heavy smoke near their house is from the mass cremation of dead Jews. When she mentally deteriorates after learning what her husband does is one of the few glimpses into her personality. An unspecified amount of time passes and Bruno’s mother insists on leaving with the children. Bruno reconciles with
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