Film Analysis Of ' The Breakfast Club '

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Joohyun Cho Introduction to Psychology Film Analysis of The Breakfast Club Introduction The film The Breakfast Club was directed and written by John Hughes and was released in the year 1985 (IMDB, 2016). The film’s running time is 95 minutes and can be categorized under the genre of comedy and drama. It follows five teenagers, who all vary in personality and stereotype, get stuck in detention on a Saturday morning. They are all different types of people in nature but when stripped down and seen through without a stereotypical lens, they all have something to share and have something in common amongst themselves despite being so different from each other. In the movie, they are stereotyped as, a basket case, a brain, an athlete, a princess, and a criminal (IMDB, 2016). The setting takes place in a library and whilst they are in detention, they go through varying phases. They start off with solitude, then proceed to share a few words, and later into the film they start to disclose information about themselves that normally would be very difficult to disclose. While they are in the library they start off as complete strangers and barely talk to each other. As the movie progresses, they start doing a lot of things that a normal group of friends would do such as dancing, playing music, sneaking out together, and even smoking a joint together. The main issue that the movie raises is the idea that being subjected to peer pressure and malicious parenting
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