Film Analysis Of The Film 12 Angry Men

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This essay will explore the Oscar-winning United artist film 12 Angry Men directed by Sydney Lumet; with a thorough evaluation of how successfully the narrative reflects tensions in 1950s America. 12 Angry Men is renowned for its strong linear narrative and the ability to obtain the attention of the audience with the use of only one mise-en-scene. The 1957 courtroom drama was established around the key theme of Politics and the battle between communism and capitalism in 1950s America; with a traditional Hollywood Narrative being sustained throughout, enabling a powerful and persuasive style. 12 angry men initiate with an introductory scene, displaying external architecture of the New York County Courthouse which sets the scene for the rest of the film by highlighting the importance of the location. When brought inside, the audience is introduced to the 12 jurors, through a camera ‘pan’ from right to left, to show their importance as they remain the key focus for the entirety of the film. With a high camera angle introduction of the main suspect, a young underprivileged Hispanic boy, whose life depends on the white men who sit before him.
American society
There are many nostalgic ideas of the 1950s that often create images of happiness; not far from those depicted in blockbusters such as Randal Kleiser's 'Grease' (1959) and Walter Lang's 'Cheaper by the Dozen' (1950). However, the reality of 1950s America was far from enjoyable. Although the 1950s was filled with consumer

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