Film Analysis Of The Film Sovereigns For Sarah

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Salem Witch Trials
The Salem Witch taken place in Salem Massachusetts in 1692. Young girls that lived in the salem village made everyone in the village to believe that they were possessed by witches and accused 7 women to be the reason for their possession . for the young girl's accusation of claiming the people they have accused has put them on trial.The person who knew the young girl's secret was one of the girls Abigayle uncles Samuel Parris , who was also the minister of the town's church. Instead of confessing that his niece was faking he went along with the act just to save his career. Since salem is a very religious town they were frighten by the fact of witches. If you did not confess that you were a witch you were sentenced to death until you confess but if you did confess you will live . In the film Sovereigns For Sarah was discussing the events taken place in salem to start and finish . The video has start with an old lady talking to judges about the innocence of her two sisters that were one of the people who were accused of the trials. Sarah tells the judges how the girls we faking the possession and how the people who were accused all went to the Salem Church. She explains the story from when the minister and his family first came to town and how that's when the chaos has begun . How his niece Abigayle started to act possessed and how they see yellow birds, since the minister was new and did not want to lose his job he played along with act which
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