Film Analysis Of The Godfather

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Throughout the film with being the Godfather, Vito is continually asked by relatives and close friends to complete favors for them in effort to solve their problems. This factor implies that during this time the Mafia was an influential organization that operated behind the scenes. In the film, John Fontane is having trouble with receiving a movie role that he has desired. As a result, Vito has a member confront the director Jack Woltz to make a very desirable deal. This does not end up well do to the director’s non-attractiveness to John Fontane. I felt this was an important scene within the film The Godfather because it was one of the first instances where it made the viewer scared to disagree with Vito Corleone. It represented his unwillingness to settle for anything less then he believed and the unpleasant truth of dealing with a criminal organization. The significance of killing Jack Woltz’s most prized possession horse, resembles that the Godfather does not care who you are or how close you may be. With Jack waking up in a pool of blood from his dead horse that was placed in the bed, illustrates to the audience his poor decision. The use of editing within the scene played an important role, with slowly giving the audience a view of what happening to Jack Waltz. At first you see Jack Waltz with what he appears to be bleeding, but as the camera pans across the bed, the audience soon realizes it is the blood of the horse’s head that was left in the bed. Due the way that
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