Film Analysis Of The Lady

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The Lady details the political upheavals that rocked Burma (also known as “Myanmar”) during the second half of the 20th century. The Lady is set primarily in Burma. However, many scenes are set in England. The film, as a biopic, makes many claims about the events that occurred during Ang San Suu Kyi’s rise to power. It also prompts questions about the causes and effects of the events in the movie. Additionally, the film creates an experience for the viewer that written history cannot emulate. The Lady is the most significant film concerning Ang San Suu Kyi’s life. In this paper, I will examine this movie from a number of different lenses. Truth Claims: The Lady presents various truth claims through many different forms. The costuming, the…show more content…
Suu Kyi did the same. Some in their country were concerned that both these leaders were too far influenced by their time in the west. In order to disaffirm these concerns, Gandhi dressed like a common Indian civilian. In this way, he was displaying his love for India over his love for England. Suu kyi acted similarly. Suu Kyi was the daughter of the former leader of the country. She could have dressed in all the opulence and affluence of royalty. Rather, in the film she dressed simply, and elegantly. This dress choice reflected her graceful character. This costuming decision gave us insight into Ang Suu’s character. As Michelle Yeoh (the actress who played Suu Kyi) told Pagesix, a branch of the NYTimes, the silk and cotton costumes are all Burmese. ( Staff) Additionally, the movie pictured Suu Kyi in key scenes with flowers in her hair. These flowers made Kyi look angelic.. To many westerners, these flowers represented the hope for a greater life that Ang San Suu Kyi offered her nation. However, others viewed these flowers as a threat. Hannah Beech of writes about the real-life military dictators of Burma, “But they still act as if there is no greater enemy than this slight woman with flowers in her hair” (Beech). The director made sure that we noticed these flowers in Kyi’s hair. There was a close-up shot of her placing the flowers in her hair. There was a tracking shot that seemed to zoom in on the blossoms.
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