Film Analysis Of The Movie Conspiracy

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SS General Reinhard Heydrich was in charge of the “Reich security” and appointed to lead the infamous Wannsee Conference. This conference featured many established leaders in the Nazi Party, SS, and German government and gets its name from the location of the meeting, a wealthy German suburb. The purpose of this conference was to inform the slightly lower ranking German leaders of the “Final Solution” to the ‘Jewish question.’ The movie Conspiracy focuses on the Wannsee Conference and shows the influence on many of the aforementioned leaders. Kenneth Branagh, the actor that portrays Heydrich, is able to successfully imitate his commanding presence throughout the film with his use of body language and tone. From the opening scene of the…show more content…
The dictation of all of the members remains vague throughout the meeting, leaving much of the decisions up to interpretation. This is caused by the use of words such as “cleanse” and “evacuation” instead of directly stating the goals of killing anyone that has been identified as a Jew. One of the main deceptions used is “solving the Jewish question” and it has implications of being an easy question to solve. The goal was to have total “‘physical eradication” and “cleanse the entire continent.” This deception is then followed to the methods used to kill. The ‘T-4 program’ was established as a plan to sterilize any individual with a mental disability. This leads to the conversation of which method of sterilization should be used and is most effective. As the meeting proceeds, the joke is made; “who would want them?” and is responded to with a chorus of laughter. This meeting was accompanied by many lawyers or well-educated men leading to the statement that “it [a law degree] has made me distrustful of language,” giving reason to the limited specifics mentioned. Throughout the meeting the German leaders are not specific in their plan. This allows for them to justify what is being done by claiming it was not their intention for a certain act to happen. Even though the film ends with a decision to continue with the Jewish extermination, it took convincing and force for all of these men to agree. Regardless of each individual’s opinion, the plan of extermination would

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