Film Analysis Of The Movie The Crucible

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The Crucible Film Analysis For my film analysis I watched the movie The Crucible to find out its historical accuracy. The movie was based on a play written by Arthur Miller which was about the Salem witch trials of 1692-1693. The movie was about women who were caught dancing and doing a ritual in the forest. When caught they lied saying that they were being controlled by the devil. They falsely accused others of worshiping the devil and “signing his book.” The leader of this group of women, Abigail Williams, used this power they had acquired to accuse John Proctors wife of witchcraft. After trying to prove everyone’s innocence John was soon condemned to the same fate and was ultimately hung with the others who would not confess. After watching the movie, I have concluded that the movie is about half accurate according to what happened at the Salem witch trials. This is mainly due to extra or altered content in the movie to add entertainment value. First, the biggest work of fiction in the movie was the love interest that Abigail had for John. Abigail was portrayed as a seventeen-year-old woman. But was only eleven during this time (Burns, 2015). John was portrayed to be in his thirties in the movie but was sixty years old (Burns, 2015). To say the least there was no love interest between the two. Also, because they added this love interest into the movie it made John an adulterer. But, he was very faithful to his wife. Of course, with this realization it would mean that there was no big confrontation between the judges, Abigail, John, and his wife. It was all added for the purpose of entertainment value for those who watched the original play and of course this movie. This is an example as to how the movie was historically inaccurate. Secondly, another part of the movie which was not correct would be the pressing/crushing of Giles Corey. Pressing is a form of torture in which they would lay stones on top of you until you gave the information the torturer was wanting or until the weight crushed you. He was indeed crushed but not for the reason specified in the movie. In the movie Giles was sentenced to the pressing in court when he would not give the name of his informant
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