Film Analysis Of The Movie : The Intouchables

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The Intouchables Is a film about an unlikely friendship between Philippe, a highly affluent quadriplegic, and Driss, a Senegalese immigrant who lands a job as Philippe’s live-in caregiver. The characters friendship arises despite the vast class chasm between them. I think the film title is aptly suited, the Philippe and Driss’s friendship seem almost unrealistic given class differences, the age gap between them, opposite personal interests, and differences in physical capabilities, however, none of these differences act as barriers to the development of their friendship.
The first scene in the film begins with Driss and Philippe driving at ridiculous speeds through Paris at night. Driss is behind the wheel of Phillippe’s Maserati living it up, while Philippe rides shotgun, visibly out of his comfort zone, though still enjoying the exhilaration of the ride. Eventually a Parisian police car signals the Maserati to pull over. Driss refuses, and a high-speed chase ensues, culminating in Philippe feigning a seizure to deceive the police into believing that Driss’s driving was out of necessity and not pure sport.
I think the function of the secondary characters in the film is to provide greater insight into the personalities of the two protagonists, in addition to providing each protagonist with a better understanding of the other.
Phillipe lives in a luxurious town house in Paris. The lifestyle of Philippe and those of his class equals is typical affluent bourgeoisie. They

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