Film Analysis On Silver Linings Playbook

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Film Analysis on Silver Linings Playbook Life is hard and a struggle, but even tougher for someone who struggles with a psychological disorder. Bipolar disorder is a well-known psychological disorder and has effective treatment methods. Although, ultimately it is up to the patient with the disorder. The reason I chose the film Silver Linings Playbook is because not only did I enjoy the film, but I can relate to it. For I know someone who suffers from bipolar disorder, and even though they encounter many obstacles, they have learned to overcome those obstacles. I have to say that I really enjoyed watching this film and seeing how the main character, Patrick Solitano Jr. overcame his struggles and made some positive changes in his life. I feel that people who are diagnosed with bipolar disorder may choose to either struggle in life or prosper in life. I believe if they have a positive outlook on life, and learn to manage their disorder, I believe they can live life like everyone else. In my opinion, I believe one of the most important things for someone suffering with bipolar disorder is to accept it. Then they can learn to understand their disorder and be able to accept assistance and possibly take medication to help level their moods. In Silver Linings Playbook, we see the character face challenges and learn to manage his disorder. Patrick Solitano Jr. learns how to interact with people and deal with people who stray away from him because of his past actions. Although
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