Film Analysis : ' Our Title For Our Film '

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Our title for our film is representation of the 'potholes ' that characters in our film fall through. The word itself is made up and is confusing for the audience at first, it is not until the film is previewed that the title makes the connection



Christopher Walken - known for playing psychologically disturbed characters. (Deerhunter, Seven Psychopaths)


Uma Thurman - Clear juxtaposition to Walken immediately establishing a surreal element.


Director Guillermo Del Toro is known for his aesthetic style, particularly to do with the use of makeup. His knowledge of makeup effects comes primarily for Dick Smith (The Exorcist, 1973). His creative and dreamlike imagery will be useful particularly in emphasising the idea of paranoia in ‘Footfalls’ and to highlight the surrealist idea of exploiting the realist ideas of a logical thought process


In order for our film to be a successful surrealist film, we have used subtle surrealist qualities throughout which the audience will notice gradually. These subtle qualities increasingly become prominent and this idea is supported and portrayed through the location. The film will be set in Varosha, which is on the coast of the island of Cyprus. This city is unique as it is completely uninhabited, due to an invasion by Turkey in 1974. The cities residents were evacuated immediately, never to return and the city now remains frozen in time. This concept is supported through…
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