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The film Plastic Planet takes an in- depth look of our modern world and it’s major production and consumption of plastic. Released in the year 2010, director Werner Boote reminisces on the time spent with his most memorable childhood figure, his grandfather. Whose fascination at the time was focused toward the production of plastic and what it held for the future to come. This fascination carried on into Boote’s adult life and after considerable research formed from around the world spurred him to ask the question, Is plastic dangerous? In completion, of this film analysis it is my goal to properly convey what was discussed within the hour and thirty- five minute film, and my analysis of the directors finished product.
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Encouraged by the global economy of supply and demand plastic production has taken a major hold of our entire lifestyles. To the extent that as stated multiple times within the film that there is no part of the modern world left untouched by plastic. However, the problem lies not with plastic as a whole, but with the individual chemical compounds that make up plastic. Klaus Rhomberg an environmental physician, states “Plastic decays over time through heat,abrasion, use, or through natural processes”. This decay overtime has been shown to have adverse effects as depicted in the film. Director Werner Bootes undergoes a long journey collecting and documenting evidence of just how harmful plastic has become after it has served its initial use and even before depending on the plastics’ chemical composition.
Beginning, in Europe the plastic industry has approx. a 800 billion euro turnover per year and employs over 1 million people in Europe alone(10:58-11:00). That being stated plastic manufacturing has become a major industry, and as a result it has been shown many of the major concerns were often ignored or disproven through biased research results. As witnessed, in Venice, Italy in the case of Gabriel Bortolozzo .vs. his employer. Mr. Bortolozzo claimed the environment in which he was to perform his duties as an employee contain harmful chemical fumes which lead to serious

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