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Film Analysis: Pocahontas
The animated Walt Disney movie Pocahontas is based on a true life story of a young Powhatan Indian girl named Pocahontas who falls in love with John Smith. In the making of the movie, Walt Disney, attempts to relate to the early 17th Century historic event of Europeans settling in Jamestown; however, Disney did not portrait the true story. Disney rewrote the story by making it a beautifully romantic and animated love story like a Cinderella fairytale.
In the Walt Disney movie, Pocahontas and John Smith were both young adults when they first met. Pocahontas was very alethic, and wore a one-strapped leather short dress and she had a tattoo on her arm. John Smith was a tall, handsome, clean shaved man that wore
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He started scouting around and began drawing maps immediately. He met Pocahontas by almost shooting her by a water fall, and later they fell in love. He was captured later in the movie while venturing out alone at night to meet Pocahontas. John Smith was going to be executed on top of a rock at dawn, in front of an army of colonists who planned to rescue him. In reality, John smith was arrested and chained in irons during the voyage over, and he was released a month after arriving to Jamestown, Virginia. After he was set free, he did a lot of exploring and trading with the Indians. John Smith mapped most of the Jamestown area. He was eventually captured while seeking food along the Chickahominy River. John Smith was brought to Chief Powhatan and was sentenced to be executed. This is when he actually met Matoaka, the real name of Pocahontas, and she rescued him from execution. Matoake was the oldest daughter of Chief Powhatan. John Smith became good friends with Matoake, and eventually Chief Powhatan adopted Smith as his son. (Squidoo, Inc., 2012)
According to history, despite the fact that Pocahontas is most famous for saving the life of John Smith, she never marries him. Smith returns to find the situation at the fort desperate. They are running out of food and only 38 of the original 105 Colonists are alive. Smith was accused of causing the deaths of his men. He was overthrown from his position and almost condemned to hang. Lucky a ship arrived at Newport carrying
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