Film Analysis: Real Women Have Curves

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Real Women Have Curves is a comedy drama Mexican American film with a time of 1 hour and 33 minutes. This film was released in October 18, 2002 in the United States with a box office of $7,777,790 worldwide. Real Women Have Curves was directed by Patricia Cardoso, produced by Effie Brown and written by Josephina Lopez and George LaVoo. This movie it had gained popularity when they win the Awards of the best dramatic film, and in 2002 in Sundance Film Festival they win the special Jury Prize, also received the Youth Jury Award at the San Bastian International Film Festival, and many more. Referring to the article paper by Carlos Ortega from the Synopsis on Real Women Have Curves, the film was including in the “31st New Directors/New Films 2002 …show more content…

Guzman. We can see how Mr. Guzman is telling her to do the college application and we see how Ana tells that she is not going because of money. Also we can see in the next scenes how she is quitting her job and walking away, by the time pass in the same day Ana’s family are waiting for her to arrived, so they can give her a surprise by celebrating her birthday. In this particular scene it shows the main purpose of the story the confrontation between Ana and her mother Carmen Garcia, referring that Ana needs to work in the Estela her sister factory, because Ana quit her job and they need to work and help Estella. Also in the next two scenes we can see how Carmen is telling Raul Ana’s dad that she needs to stop dreaming of going to college and she needs to be in her house and help them to work as part of the real life of a Mexican women. Estela factory we can see how Ana is staring working in there for the first time with her mother and sister, it show the confrontation between mother and daughter, when Carmen insult Ana because of the way she works. Ana walk away and Carmen follows her because she burn the dress and tells her that she cant work no more because of her age, Carmen also expressed that she scarifies a lot for her family and it shows some type of manipulation to Ana by telling her that she needs to work and …show more content…

Some of them we can see it in the great story outline, camera work, music, and the good work of the actors. One example that I can say is in the scenes where we see Ana, Carmen, Estella and the other lady’s working in the factory. These scenes in the factory it shows the grate work of the Actors by showing the main purpose of the story, which reflects the struggle of the Latino community in America. Also it shows the problems of the Garcia’s family by trying to maintain the factory in the working position, plus fighting to avoid the bankrupt and able to pay the debts. Another part of the movie that reflect strength are the times where Ana and Carmen have this confrontations moments, based on the fact that Ana wants to go to the University. I can refer that I don’t see any weaknesses in the movie; I really like the story, camera work, the music and the work of the actors, great film. Also I can say that I found some foundations that help me identify if this film has a style of a Chicano film, they are “reflective and Open-Ended”. Referring to the type of ideology that the story has with the connection of the Ana and her mother in how they have this confrontation from the beginning to the end. Another foundation would be “A Chicano Film Language” connecting this particular dialogue between Garcia family and the workers on the factory, and I can add to the type of

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