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Steel Magnolias “Steel Magnolias” is a story about the close-knit relationships between six eccentric Southern women living in a small town in Louisiana. The film has a home spun, unpretentious feel to it. The plot alternates between humorous, everyday events with good-natured quips and the seriousness and heartaches to life’s unexpected crises. Through the laughs and tears, the six women learn to endure hard times and emerge from the struggles with grace and dignity. The film is set in the 1980’s with a tight knit homespun atmosphere. The Southern belles who are goofy on the outside but strong enough inside to survive any challenge that life deals them. Friendships help with a…show more content…
Truvy owns the shop which is one of the main friends in this film. Annelle is the beautician that Truvy hires to work alongside her in her shop. Annelle is quirky and a nervous nelly, but loveable and caring. Annelle gets a little wild in her single life and Truvy is right there to real her back in and keep her on the proper path. The place where these six friends will share their inner most thoughts and feelings is Truvys beauty salon. M’Lynn is the mother of three children, and the do all type of person. Shelby is her main priority due to her health problems. M’Lynn is married to Drum Eatenton which is the only husband in this film that appears more than once because most of the husbands are depressed or dead. The setting where these six friends will share their inner most thoughts is Truvys beauty shop. Shelby is a typical young Southern girl, with major health problems due to type one diabetes. Shelby is marring her sweat-heart Jackson but she tried to call off the wedding because she didn’t think it was fair to Jackson that she couldn’t give him children. The specialist told her that it’s impossible for her to carry a baby physically because her body was too weak to handle it due to her diabetes. Clairee and Louisa are the comical pair of the group, Louisa is the high-spirited spit fire that dresses in coveralls and funny hats, and grows a garden when she doesn’t even like vegetables. When asked why do you grow them then? “I’m a Southern

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