Film Analysis: Tar Creek

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Tar Creek is an area that has been left behind by the American industry. After being mined for so many years, and literally they left nothing behind but dust. I believe this film was made to exploit the issues that we have in our country that go missed. So many times we over look our problems in our own country, caused by our government. The government gave this land to the Quapaw Indians and then bullied them to allow it to be destroyed by greedy business men which the government backed. To add to the issue children were hurt by it, families taken from their homes, land destroyed, and the government still ignores the situation. In 1834 a small area of land was given to the Quapaw Indians in the upper north east corner of Oklahoma. Around…show more content…
The overflow of the water hit top ground and the mineral infested water began entering Tar Creek and polluting the water. In turn, this became another issue from the mining. The now contaminated water affected the drinking water and the loss of fish in the creek. This has destroyed majority of the land given to the Quapaw’s. The miners also removed the pillars to the underground rooms, which now caused the ground to cave. The town is full of crater like holes. The caters are in and around the towns. Some cave in, then fill with water. This is a serious life threatening concern, you never know when a cave in will…show more content…
They proposed to move the piles of chat, but the cost was in the hundreds of millions and the buyout was around fifty million. No one has really taken this seriously, similar to the hurricane Katrina. No one to help and left to defend for themselves. They have tried to resolve the issue over the years by digging up the resident’s yards and replacing it with uncontaminated soil. Instead, they put clay which doesn’t absorb water, which caused other issues. The damage has been done, no one was held responsible. The responsibility of the clean-up should have been put on the mining companies and at the cost of the mining companies. They forcibly came into the land, abused the land and the people in the area, then left. It will take decades for the land to ever recover from the damage they caused for a
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